About Us

A warm welcome to Wisehouse College. We pride our selves in providing quality education to our cherished students to achieve academic excellence. Whether you intend to develop your skills to improve your job prospects, return to learning after some years or you want to go to university, we have a suitable course for you.
We are committed to ensure that our students receive the best learning experience with us. We have qualified teaching professionals with wealth of experience to support our students to achieve success. We also have modern facilities to enhance easy access to information to promote quality learning experience.


Wisehouse College equip students for valuable qualification and work closely with employers to ensure that students receive the skills and experience needed at the work place. We also provide higher education with strong links to educational institutions for students to progress to university.

Our Goal is for our students to achieve their full potential and have their needs met. We are dedicated to empower and challenge our students to develop the confidence needed to achieve excellence in their career

To attain our goal we expect our students to:

* Endeavour to attend all their lessons on time.
* Ensure 100% attendance
* Complete all their assessments and assignments on time.
* Have a positive attitude towards their studies.
* Respect themselves, members of staff and their fellow students.

Have a great time studying with us.